Te Kawa O Horouta Whānau Ora

 Anchored in te reo and tikanga Māori, Te Kawa o Horouta Whānau Ora reflects our collective philosophies of Mana Motuhake. These kawa outline our unique vision for holistic intergenerational wellbeing and provides a foundational culture of practice.

Mana Tangata

Their mauri is vibrant and empowering, i.e., their spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical wellbeing is strong.


Mana Whenua

They are knowledgeable, comfortable and competent in both the Māori and the modern world; conversant, secure and pro-active participants in all facets of cultural, social, economic and political life.

Mana Moana

They are enterprising and innovative, employing resources to contribute to their independence and wellbeing. In doing so they are able to realise their full potential as Māori, and readily cope with the challenges of a rapidly and ever-changing modern world. 

Mana Rangatira

They are able to live with dignity and in harmony with the cultural, social and physical environments they share with all people. Their Māori identity, culture and values are widely understood and respected by all New Zealanders and The Treaty of Waitangi is properly honoured as a covenant between Māori and other New Zealanders (Tāngata Tiriti)

Mana Whānau

Their whānaungatanga has been rejuvenated and developed to the extent that the whānau has become a strong and valued support unit for all its members. 

Mana Tipuna

Whānau play a positive and active role within their extended whānau, hapū, iwi and the wider community and their whānau, marae, hapū and iwi, (as pillars of cultural, social, political and economic Māori life) have become the basis of strength for their collective development.

Mana Atua

Their spirituality is nurtured and flourishes, pervading every element of their lives, from whānau, hapū and Iwi to the Earth and all life forms within it.