He Anga Whakamua

Te Pae Tawhiti | Our Dream

Te Kawa O Horouta Whānau Ora

Anchored in te reo and tikanga Māori, Te Kawa o Horouta Whānau Ora reflects our collective philosophies of Mana Motuhake. These kawa outline our unique vision for holistic intergenerational wellbeing and provides a foundational culture of practice.

Te Whakakitenga | Our Vision

Ko tōku mana ki te pae tawhiti, ki te pae tawhiti ko tōku mana. Reclaiming whānau potential, transforming futures.

Te Whakatanga | Our Mision

Enabling whānau to take control of their own wellbeing and destiny.

Ngā Whāinga | Our Goals

Contributing towards whānau success and positive transformative change.


Recognising that whānau are part of community, hapū and Iwi and that healing stems from such connection, from being part of a wider collective support system.


The wellbeing of an individual is intimately tied to their relationship to the whenua, and that this connection to place, defines their identity and standing in this world.


Meaningful and transformative growth and development of an individual is intimately tied to their whare and the positive space held within.

Te Rautaki | Our Strategy

Rangatiratanga | Ownership

We engage whānau with an aspirational and transformational approach that understands that the power to succeed sits with whānau.

Whānaungatanga| Strategic Networks

We invest in and leverage strategic national, regional and local networks for the betterment of whānau of Te Tairāwhiti.

Auahatanga | Creativity

We bring innovation to the forefront with bold creative and transformative ideas. We are fearless agile and able to navigate obstacles to whānau achievement.

Kanohi Kitea | Communication

Fiercely advocate and champion whānau aspirations and promote and activate the philosophies of Horouta Whānau Ora. The COVID pandemic revealed the systemic failure of government institutions and equally the success of the solutions and alternatives we provided to address this failure

Te Pae Tata | Our Activities

Te Tāwhana A Kahukura

Te Tāwhana a Kahukura is a ground-breaking concentrated initiative where whānau will co-design strategies to navigate pathways to fulfil their highest aspirations.

e Whare Āhuru

Te Whare Āhuru is the central focus of HWO Kaiārahi and seeks to resolve housing inequities for whānau Māori, across the Tairāwhiti/East Coast/Wairoa region

Innovation Fund

Innovation enables Whānau Ora partners to adopt new thinking and creative solutions that support whānau needs and empower whānau to achieve their goals

Whānau Direct

Whānau Direct resources support whānau in ‘moments that matter’ that effect short term outcomes.

Tikanga | Our Values

Our collective Tikanga are the essential vessel that carries us to Te Pae Tawhiti. These tikanga meld in unison to ensure that our Mauri is sustained and nurtured and establishes a state of being that allows for and ensures, holistic protection and safety for all.


Relationships to each other and our environment.


Generosity, caring, hospitality, reciprocity.


Pursuit of growth and excellence.


Unity sharing and belonging.